Treasures of the Past, Treasures of the Future

Some memories are treasured forever.

Like the day you graduated out of school. The day you found the love of your life. The day you got your first paycheck. The day you said your vows. The day you took your baby in your arms. The day you danced on your favorite song with your soul mate.

Moments and memories. They have a treasure of their own that leaves you in bliss whenever you think about them.

But what if I tell you that making those memories even more special is possible? How about sharing that happiness of your special day with someone who needs that very support and nudge from you to make their life special? Multiplying joys is possible, when you use something you cherish to light up the life of someone who is looking for just that ray of hope. You’d never have realized that donating your wedding gown, prom gown or party gown can have that effect, but it’s much more than just a gown in someone else’s life.

The greatest treasure that one can share isn’t money or royalty – it’s joy, happiness, support and love. A simple gesture that shows that you care. A small effort that changes the life of someone in need. A precious memory of your past becoming the reason of someone’s happiness in the future. You can do it too, and the joy of sharing a treasure like this knows no bounds!

Donate a gown, donate a memory, donate love and happiness. Who said a piece of cloth can’t change someone else’s life?

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