A Seed of Hope Foundation is passionate about their cause and knows the importance of direct aid for patients and non-profit fundraising.

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We are proud to partner with the following entities.


Jamie Levin, Owner and Operator of 3 Local Wig Salons

Wig Elegance in Levittown, PA,
Rosalind Stella’s Wig Boutique in Philadelphia, PA,
Wig-A-Do in Mount Laurel, NJ

Jamie Levin was a stay at home mom for many years. Her family has always been most important to her. Jamie’s relationship with her mom was an especially close one. In 2007, her mom was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. The disease quickly spread and eventually took her life in 2009. Jamie was her caretaker throughout her journey and by her side with her last breath.

After Jamie’s devastating loss, deep depression set in. In hopes of helping Jamie through her loss, her husband decided to buy one of the family owned wig salons for her to now operate. This was now an avenue for her to give back, while honoring her mother’s memory.

Now, six years later, Jamie and her husband own and operate three successful wig salons in the Philadelphia/New Jersey areas. Jamie feels very strongly that selling wigs is not a one time purchase, but rather the beginning of a new client/salon relationship. “It’s about educating the client and knowing what makes them, as individuals feel good about themselves.”  Jamie believes you can tell when it’s the “right” wig, because you can see a person’s body language change. “Women sit up straighter, taller and more confident!”

All three wig salons’ employees are trained stylists, wig sale/wig repair experts, but most importantly, every employee is remarkably compassionate. This formula is what separates them from the rest. Customer Service is the main priority! Jamie is passionate about her work and makes sure that these qualifications are executed daily.


UniverCITY Cleaning

UniverCITY Cleaning provides free cleaning services to cancer patients undergoing treatment.


The Physicians at Fox Chase Cancer Center

We support the doctors at Fox Chase Medical Center researching IBC with funds to continue efforts in developing  for early detection methods, medications, procedures and cures.