Love Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

And colors. You have no idea how much you can share and spread love and happiness, just with the simple act of donating a gown!

Breast cancer is a reality, affecting hundreds of women of all ages around the globe. A majority of them cannot afford the costs to go through with treatment and lose their life to this battle every year. The treatment costs are high no doubt, but the burden can be shared, and becomes much more affordable when all of us – mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends – join hands. And this can be done by doing something as simple as donating a gown.

Donating a gown and sending your love over to a woman battling with cancer can change her life. You can bring back her smile, bring back her confidence, and give her hope – the hope to keep fighting, keep smiling and keep living.

Send over that bundle of love today to plant the seed of hope that can branch out to become a towering tree of happiness! You can donate any gown – the one you wore to a party two seasons ago, or the one you wore on your prom or even your wedding day. What counts more than the value is the love you send it with – this love can actually go on to save not just one person’s life, but of million others who are affected by Inflammatory Breast Cancer. uses all the funds raised through sale of these gowns to raise awareness and funding for IBC patients and research.

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